Shiddat Novel by Meerab Hayat  PDF

Book Name: Shiddat

The Writer: Meerab Hayat

 Introduction to the Book:

Shiddat Novel by Meerab Hayat  PDF is a high-quality Urdu fiction novel. The author of this novel is female novelist Meerab Hayat. The story of this novel depicts the feelings of love between two lovers. The story of the novel tells how the lovers overcome all the obstacles due to the power of love and reach their destination.

Loving people do not leave their partner despite all the opposition of society. In recent days this novel has been published in the form of episodes in a monthly digest. The readers of Urdu novels very much like it. Due to the popularity of you people, this beautiful novel has been provided for you on the site.

Shiddat Novel Summary:

There are many characters in the story of this novel. Some of the characters in the story have feelings of love and are ready to do anything for the sake of their beloved. They understand that this world is made by God to love.

Therefore, to enjoy life, love should be propagated. They are ready to sacrifice everything to make their love story grow. Some characters in the story of the novel have negative thoughts. They don’t miss any chance to antagonize loving couples.

They keep putting obstacles in their way all the time. The story shows the mutual battle of the characters who love and hate at the same time. The author of the story also makes us aware of various social and family problems.

The story of this Urdu novel is very attractive and strong which impresses the readers very much. If you have read such issues before and love such novels then this novel is for you.

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Author’s Introduction:

Mirab Hayat is a famous writer of Urdu literature. He has written many popular novels. She is a young writer and newcomer but her style of writing is very charming and mature.

He started his novel writing by creating pages on social media. Especially on his Facebook page, his novels are published on the page in the form of episodes. Readers of Urdu novels are great fans of his novels.

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