Sitara E Sham Novel Pdf by Amna Riaz

 Book Name: Sitara e Sham

The Writer: Amna Riaz

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Sitara e Sham is an attractive and beautiful novel story. The author of this novel is the famous female novelist Amna Riaz. It is a social novel that covers the problems faced by a common man.

This novel was first published in Women’s Digest and it gained immense popularity. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in digests in the form of episodes.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

Jalaluddin is the main character in the story of this novel. He is an ordinary man who lives a respectable life with his small family. Jalaluddin is a noble citizen who works as a clerk in a government organization.

The small family of these people was living a very prosperous life when one day the police suddenly arrested Jalaluddin and sent him to jail. His family is distraught and surprised that he is a decent citizen for what crime the police have detained him.

The police told her family that a female relative of theirs had killed her husband and was taking shelter in Jalaluddin’s house. The woman’s name is Jannat Bibi and she has been living in Jalaluddin’s house for some time.

Sitara e Sham Novel Part 2:

He is investigating him in the case of harboring a convicted murderer. Jalaluddin’s family has hired a competent lawyer. They hope that they will soon free Jalaluddin from police custody as he is not involved in the case at all.

The police have detained him only on suspicion. The police don’t even show the warrant of arrest. He is very upset to be humiliated like this. His lawyer has met him and obtained the necessary information and has assured him that he will be able to get him out of the bars soon.

Introduction of the Author of the Book:

Amna Riaz is a famous female novelist of the Urdu language and literature. She has written many romantic Urdu novels so far. The author writes suspense and novels for Detective Digest. Her stories are related to social issues and domestic life.

Amina has done an MA in Urdu from Punjab University, Lahore, and is associated with teaching. Her novels are considered to be the best literary asset of Urdu literature.

The titles of novels written by him are as follows.

  • Satara Sham
  • Tum Akhri Jazeera ho
  • Basat e Dil
  • Mah e Tamam
  • Dasht e Junoon

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