Siyah Hashia Novel by Saima Akram Chaudhary

Book Name: Siyah Hashia

The Writer: Saima Akram

Introduction of the Novel:

Siyah Hashia Novel by Saima Akram Chaudhary is high-quality. In this Urdu novel, the story of breaking and connecting relationships has been made the subject. It is a social romance novel that is well told in the form of a story. The first time this novel was published in a local Urdu digest, it did not get much popularity.

It has now been published in hardcover and has been well received by readers. The story of this novel is about a couple who love each other since childhood and want to marry for love and love. A boy and a girl are cousins and their parents are siblings.

Their parents have had serious differences due to property and business division issues, which seem to make their marriage impossible. However, they are trying their best to reconcile with their elders. Go and solve the problem of their marriage.

Siyah Hashia Novel Summary:

The story of this novel revolves around two loving characters named Hashim and Bakhtawar. Hashim and Bakhtawar are cousins and their family is living under a joint family system. They have had a friendly relationship since childhood but they have not revealed it to anyone.

Both love each other very much and are determined to face all odds to fulfill their love. Both of them went to school and college together. Hashim has promised Bakhtawar that he will marry her as well.

The elders of the family have a very cordial relationship, which is why they both hope that their elders will not stand in the way of their marriage of choice. Unfortunately, differences soon arose between their elders over the division of business and property.

Siyah Hashia Novel Part 2:

These differences escalated and soon reached the police station and the courts. Hashim and Bakhtawar are worried about the escalation of these family feuds and are making efforts to end them.

Now the situation has become so disturbing that no solution is possible except to divide the property between the elders of the family and separate the business.

After separating the business, Hashim and Bakhtawar fear that his father and uncle will never agree to this marriage. Due to this, they are very depressed and want to lead their elders toward a settlement to make their marriage matter fruitful.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Saima Akram Chaudhry is a famous novelist and dramatist of Urdu literature. She is a popular novelist of Urdu digests and many of her Urdu novels have been published in book form. Saima belongs to the city of Lahore in Punjab. Saima is a graduate of Punjab University and has a deep passion for knowledge and literature.

Her novels are published in Urdu digests published from Lahore. Apart from novels, Saima also writes plays for various TV channels. Many of his plays have gained immense popularity and he has also received the best story writer award.

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