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Book Name: Tafseer Tafheem ul-Qur’an

The Writer: Maulana Maududi

Tafheem ul Quran Volume 1 Pdf:

Tafseer Tafheem ul-Qur’an Urdu is a very standard and high-quality Tafseer book in the Urdu language. The author of this Islamic book is the famous Islamic scholar Maulana Maududi. Maulana started writing this book of commentary in the year 1942 and completed this book in a period of thirty years.

This book is very popular in academic circles. Especially judges, lawyers, and professors like it very much. This beautiful book is included in the educational curriculum of many public and private universities in Pakistan.

The language of the book is very simple, smooth Urdu, and common sense. Tafhim al-Qur’an is a simple Urdu commentary explained from his own opinion. Maulana Maududi has explained the meaning of the Quran with his own opinion instead of taking help from previous books to explain the meanings of the Quranic verses.

Tafheem – ul – Quran  Urdu Book:

Modern educated class appreciates his unique style. All the books of Tafseer that have been written in the Urdu language have been written keeping the needs of the scholars in front. It is the first commentary book.

The main purpose of writing this book was to provide the common Muslims with such a common understanding and easy book that they can understand the meaning of the Quran by themselves.

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Tafheem ul Quran book has been translated into many other languages besides English. Jamaat-e-Islami, Mansoora, Lahore published its English translation. Also, many cities in India published the Hindi translation of the book.

Maulana Maududi has covered the following topics in this book.

  • The Political System of Islam
  • The economic system of Islam
  • Islamic justice system
  • Comparative comparison of the Islamic political system with the Western political system
  • Comparative comparison of the Islamic economic system with the Western economic system
  • The capitalist system and its comparison with the Islamic economic system
  • Critical evaluation of political ideas of Western political thinkers
  • Disadvantages of interest system and necessary steps to remedy it:
  • Western democratic systems and Islamic systems of government

Introduction of the author of the book:

Maulana Maududi was a well-known Pakistani Islamic scholar, writer, journalist, and philosopher. The writer has done valuable research work on Islamic sciences. Maududi is very popular among the modern educated class of Pakistan.

he belongs to the famous city of Aurangabad in India. Maududi was a meritorious student of Maulana Shibli Naumani’s educational institution. After obtaining Islamic studies, he studied philosophy from Professor Arnold.

After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, he came to Lahore and settled in Ichhra. Maulana Maududi worked as an editor for a long time in the famous Islamic magazine Jamiat. He is one of the senior journalists. He is the founder of Pakistan’s leading religiopolitical party, Jamaat-e-Islami, and is one of the senior politicians of Pakistan.

Maulana Maududi’s Famous Books:

  • Tafsir Taheem al-Qur’an
  • Al-Jihad in Islam
  • Qadiani issue
  • Position of women in Islam
  • The economic system of Islam
  • Western democratic system and Islamic system of government
  •  Method of the Islamic revolution

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