Tafseer Bayan-ul-Quran by Dr. Israr Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Bayan Al-Qur’an

The Writer: Dr.Israr Ahmad

Tafseer Bayan -ul -Quran by Dr. Israr Ahmad Pdf Urdu:

Bayan Al-Qur’an by Dr. Israr Ahmad Pdf is a famous commentary book of the Holy Quran in the Urdu language. The author of this book is Dr. Israr Ahmed, a well-known Pakistani religious scholar, and commentator of the Qur’an. Dr. Sahib has written this commentary on the Qur’an in very simple language.

The purpose of writing this book was to make the common people aware of the meaning of the Holy Qur’an should be done. Dr. Sahib belongs to the Ahle Hadith school of thought and is the reflection of his religious affiliation.

Dr.Israr has made the understanding Quran very easy for common Muslims by doing this wonderful research work. With the help of this book, even a Muslim who knows a little Urdu can understand the message of the Qur’an and can also preach it.

Dr.Israr Ahmad Bayan ul Quran Pdf:

While in the second part, the interpretation, meaning, and meaning of the Quranic verses are described.

Also, the stories of the Prophets mentioned in this commentary book of the Holy Qur’an are also discussed in detail. They include the story of Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him), the story of Hazrat Yunus, the story of Hazrat Musa, and the story of Hazrat Yusuf.

It is a detailed commentary on the Qur’an that has gained a lot of popularity. This commentary book has been published several times by Anjuman Khudam al-Qur’an.

In Bayan al-Qur’an, Dr.Israr has also disagreed with contemporary scholars on some topics. Most scholars liked it. He is a great preacher of the caliphate system of Islam and strongly criticizes the western democratic system.

They believe that the Islamic system of the caliphate is the only solution to all the political, economic, and intellectual problems of Muslims. Therefore, instead of turning to communism, capitalism, democratic system, we should turn to the Islamic system.

Introduction of the author of the book:

Dr.Israr Ahmad is a renowned Pakistani Islamic scholar and an expert on Qur’anic commentary. All classes of Muslims read and love this Tafsir Bayan Al-Qur’an. Apart from Bayan Al-Qur’an, he has written valuable books on the Khilafah system of Islam and other topics.

This book is about Islamic teachings for scholars and students. It is the best way to understand. Many of his books have been published by Dar es Salaam Library, an institution established by Dr. His organization Anjuman Khudam Al-Qur’an is doing a lot of research work for the promotion of Quranic teachings.

Dr. Sahib’s books are a wonderful gift for research scholars doing research on Quranic sciences. The government of Pakistan awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Excellence for his efforts to promote Quranic teachings and the struggle.

He is doing great scientific and research work for the promotion of the Quran. Hafiz Akif Saeed is the young and dynamic Ameer of the organization who is working day and night to spread the message of the Holy Quran.

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