Tafseer Jawahir e Azizi Urdu Tarjuma Tafseer e Azizi

Book Name: Tafseer Jawahir e Azizi

Introduction to the Book:

Jawahar e Azizi Urdu Translation Tafsir Azizi is a book by Shahr Ha Afaq Tafsir on the Holy Quran in Urdu language. The author of this book is the popular religious scholar and spiritual figure of India, Hazrat Shah Abdulaziz Dehlvi. Shah Sahib has written this beautiful Tafsir Qur’an in four volumes.

This book is in Persian language and Allama Mahfooz-ul-Haq Shah has translated it into Urdu language. It is perhaps the only book of commentary in the Urdu language that is unanimously recognized as their favorite book by the people of the three Sunni schools of thought in India.

Shah Abdul Aziz has described the moderate issues in this book to reduce the jurisprudential differences between the three Masaliks of Muslims. Shah Sahib wanted to reduce the differences between the different schools of thought of Muslims as much as possible.

To fulfill this mission, instead of supporting a single religion, he exhorts all people to adopt moderate thinking and others. They teach us to tolerate differences of opinion. While interpreting the Qur’anic verses, Shah Sahib explains the point of view of different scholars on various jurisprudential issues and after that, he also presents his position.

Tafseer Jawahir e Azizi Urdu Tarjuma Tafseer e Azizi PDF:

He likes Imam Abu Haifa’s school of jurisprudence very much and advises him to follow it. Shah Abdul Aziz was an Islamic scholar as well as a spiritual healer and a Sufi. In his book, he records the sayings of senior Sufi sages at several places and advises common Muslims to make use of them.

During the authorship of Tafsir Jawahir Azizi, Shah Abdul Aziz envisaged that common Muslims should read this book and understand the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran and get guidance from it. At the time Hazrat Shah Sahib wrote this book.

When it was written, no scholar had written a book on the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an in the Persian language in India. Since the common people were not familiar with the Arabic language, they were unable to understand the meaning and significance of the Qur’anic verses. After Tafseer Jawahir Azizi was written, the common Muslims were greatly helped in understanding the Holy Qur’an.

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