Taloot (Complete) Novel by M.A Rahat PDF

 Book Name: Taloot

The Writer: M.A Rahat

Introduction to the Book:

Taloot (Complete) Novel by M.A Rahat PDF is a unique and wonderful novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is MA Rahat, a unique novelist of the Urdu language and literature. Taloot is a mysterious, surprising, and sensational story of a young man. The young man claims that he is visited by a jinn and that he is friends with the jinn.

The story of this novel has been published in the form of episodes for several months in Suspense Digest. Readers of Urdu literature have liked the story of this novel immensely. Three volumes of this novel were published. After the completion of the episodes, the novel has now been published in book form and has come to market.

Taloot Urdu Novel Summary:

Arif Jamal is the main character of the story. He is a small businessman. Arif is involved in the import, and export business. He is a small trader belonging to the middle class. 

Despite doing various businesses, he did not make any profit, due to heavy losses and also owed loans to banks. His company has almost defaulted and his relationship with business people has ended.

Now Arif Jamal is trying to start a business that will give him immediate profit so that he can avoid payment problems. He is planning to start such a new business.

For this purpose, he is looking for an intelligent man who can guide him well. He meets various professional people. One day he meets a young man who is very talented and has an attractive personality. It is actually a Jinn who has come to meet him in human form.

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He is Arif Jamal’s lookalike and looks exactly the same. The hero tells Arif Jamal that he has come to leave his own people so that he can live among humans and learn about them. Taloot asks Arif Jamal to befriend him and he will help him in every way to overcome his difficulties.

Arif agrees and Taloot and Arif Jamal become friends. They promise to help each other. The story of this novel is very interesting and inspiring and the readers cannot stop reading again and again. It is very surprising how the jinn can be friends with humans. All kinds of tactics are used to harass.

Author’s Introduction:

M.A Rahat is a great novelist of Urdu literature. Rahat has written almost all types of Urdu novels. He mostly writes historical and adventure, and mystery novels. He belongs to the city of Lahore. The Writer started his writing carrier from Khofnak digest by writing short stories and horror novels in episodes. He got extraordinary fame to write mystery novels in urdu literature.

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