Tareekh e Farishta by Muhammad Qasim Farishta Pdf

Book Name:  Tareekh e Farishta  

Writer:  Muhammad Qasim Farishta

Tareekh e Farishta(تاریخ فرشتہ) by Muhammad Qasim Farishta Pdf is a historical book written on the history of India. The author of this book is the famous historian Mohammad Qasim.  Persian is the language of this book. Later it was translated into other languages, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, English, etc.

This history book is one of those Indian history books. During the time of Ibrahim Adil Shah of Deccan, this book wrote.  In 1666. under the name of Golshan Ebrahimi during the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah II Urdu history book had published. The history of Ferishte is one of the oldest books in the history of the subcontinent. References to this book are often found in modern Indian history.

About the author of the book:

Mohammad Qasim Ferishta was an Iranian historian who came to India from Iran and settled here. He was the court historian of Deccan kings. Mohammad Qasim Farishta was born in 1560 in Estrabad in the Caspian Sea near the coast. 

The purpose of his invitation to India was that the Shah was looking for a teacher for his prince Miran Hussain Nazim Hussain and he was appointed to this task. In 1587, Mohammad Qasim Ferishtah served as the captain of the Shah’s bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Prince Miran Nazim overthrew his father’s government and sent him to Ahmed Nagar. After that, Muhammad Qasim Farishteh went to Ibrahim Adil, King of Bijapur in 1599. Due to belonging to the Shiite sect, he was not respected and important here.

While the Deccan kings belonged to the Sunni sect. In 1597, Malik Ibrahim Adil asked Muhammad Qasim Farishta to start writing the history of India, especially the Deccan. He became a fan of this work and compiled the history.

A critical review of the research work:

Muhammad Qasim Farishta compiled the history of the regions under India in his book. The history of Angel is actually a collection of different books.  The details of these are given below.

  • Kings of Lahore
  • Kings of Delhi
  • Deccan kings
  • Kings of Ghazni
  • Kings of Gujarat
  • Kings of Malwa
  • Kings of Bihar and Bengal
  • Kings of Multan
  • Kings of Sind
  • Kings of Kashmir
  • Kings of Malabar
  • Sufis of India
  • Climate and Geography of India

This great historian died in 1620.

More about this book:

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