Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-salabi

Book Name:  Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania

The Writer: Muhammad Al-salabi

Introduction to the Book:

Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania Urdu by Muhammad Al-salabi is a detailed history book about one of the great empires of the Islamic world. The author of this book is the historian of Islam Arab scholar Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Slabi.

Dr. Ali Muhammad is considered a very reliable and trustworthy writer, historian, and scholar in Arab countries. This book contains the glorious past and the high political and cultural history of the Turks. The book pays tribute to the glorious war exploits of Muslims.

Tareekh e Salatanat e Usmania, History Book Summary:

In this unique history book, the promotion of the Turks praises the sacrifices made for Islam. The Turkish Empire has mentioned a positive role in Europe and as a superpower peace scholar.

The original book is in Arabic and its Urdu translation is being presented for readers’ interest. This book has been translated by Maulana Zafar Kalyar. The author of the book narrates the story of the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire very highly.

The main reasons for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire are also explained in the book.In the Ottoman Empire, many sultans took over and took over the government. In various chapters of the book, the government’s performance, and combat works are described in detail.

The Ottoman sultans launched strict military action against the Byzantine states to protect their empire and the public. In addition, the Tatars stopped the growing steps against the Islamic world. The savage Tatari burned the fields of the country on which the soldiers invaded the fields and trees.

Because of their military power, everyone was very scared of them and avoided resisting them. However, Sultan Osmania defeated them by taking strong military action against them.

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It is also an important achievement of the Turkish sultans that they have made important efforts to strengthen the nearby Islamic countries to end the crusade. The author has strongly appreciated the positive role of Turkish scholars and Sofia, especially Sheikh Mohi -ud -din Ibn Arabi in the promotion of Islam.

In the twentieth century, the Ottoman Empire was a major superpower of Muslims. The influence of the Ottoman Empire had no significance in the world of powers like Britain. The rulers of Christian countries have been planning for several decades to break the Muslim world.

He believed that the collapse of the Ottoman Empire would end the military power of the Islamic world. During the First World War, the Ottoman Empire decided to remain neutral.

The Empire was strongly supported by Hitler. In the First World War, Hitler was defeated in the war. The United States and its allies divided their country into several parts to seek revenge on the rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

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Author’s Introduction:

Dr. Ali Muhammad is a famous and best historian of the Arab world. He is basically a teacher of Islamic law and sharia at Azhar University. Ali is an expert on Turkey and the Arab-Islamic countries of the Middle East and keeps a close eye on the political and military affairs of these countries.

He has a deep passion for the subject of Islamic history, which is the reason why he keeps an eye on the political and cultural changes taking place in Islamic countries and writes about them.

History of the Ottoman Empire is his major literary work. He has very carefully researched and critically reviewed the rise and fall and division of the Turkish Empire.

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