Tareekh  Ibn Khaldun  Complete 13 Volumes Urdu

Book Name: Tareekh  Ibn Khaldun

The Writer: Ibn Khaldun

Introduction to the Book:

Tareekh  Ibn Khaldun Complete 13 Volumes Urdu is considered to be one of the most important, authentic research books on Urdu, and world history. The author of this book is the famous historian and sociologist of the Islamic world, Abdul Rahman Ibn e Khaldun.

Tarikh Ibn Khaldun is in the Arabic language, but its translations are in the world and Available in all languages. This is a book on the subject of knowledge and history, which is considered very important and authentic in European countries apart from the Arab Islamic world.

Hakeem Ahmed Hussain has translated this beautiful book into the Urdu language. The history of Ibn Khaldun is not only the history of Islam but it is a detailed history of the whole world. This book consists of three volumes and each volume contains thousands of pages.

Tareekh  Ibn Khaldun  Urdu Complete

In the first volume of the book, Ibn Khaldun has discussed the philosophy of history. History teachers say that Ibn Khaldun is the historian who explained the basics of the philosophy of history in detail.

Despite the passage of many centuries, the information it provided is still read and researched by research scholars. It is one of the most popular history books and several chapters of it are included in the syllabus of the History of Islam and World History of the Arab countries.

Teachers of universities in European countries are great admirers of Ibn Khaldun and his knowledge of history. Services are highly valued.

Author’s Introduction:

Ibn Khaldun was an epoch-making historian, scholar, philosopher, writer, and sociologist, not only for Muslims but also for the European community. Ibn e Khaldun was originally from Tunisia, but he emigrated to Egypt at an early age.

He received his early education in Tunisia, but after the death of his parents, he migrated to Egypt, where he studied Islamic and modern sciences. Ibn Khaldun started writing and compiling during his studies.

The compilation of Tarikh e Ibn e Khaldun is a great scholarly achievement of Ibn Khaldun. Ibn Khaldun wrote many valuable books on the subject of history, philosophy of history, and sociology. 

He was a good historian, philosopher, and sociologist as well as a great teacher. The Sultan of Egypt was impressed by his academic ability and appointed him the head of the country’s largest seminary. In this seminar, Ibn Khaldun performed the duty of teaching students for a long time.

 In the last part of his life, the Sultan of Egypt appointed Ibn Khaldun as the chief justice of Egypt. Ibn Khaldun performed very well as a judge.

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