Tawaf e Ishq Urdu Novel by Sumaira Hameed

Novel Name: Tawaf e Ishq

The Writer: Sumaira Hameed

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Tawaf e Ishq is a religious, ancient Urdu novel written about people. The author of this novel is the well-known Urdu novelist Samira Hameed. The theme of the story of this novel is the romance between a girl and a boy. This novel is about a young man who came to Makkah for the purpose of Hajj.

Samira Hameed wrote this novel in Islam and written with a religious touch. Unlike traditional novels, this novel focuses on religious Islamic traditions. During his stay in Makkah, this young man falls in love with a young girl. This girl belongs to a noble and respected family of Makkah.

Tawaf e Ishq’s novel has been published in Shuaa Digest for a long time in episode form. This is a social romantic novel that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The novel Zira Kaam is considered to be one of the most important and famous novels of Samira Hameed.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel has two main characters named Aziza and Ibn Musa. Ibn Musa is an Arab youth who is staying in Makkah with a caravan to perform Hajj to Baitullah. Other members of his family. Relatives have also come to Makkah with him in the caravan.

Ibn e Musa is the leader of this caravan led by his other relatives who have come here to visit Hajj Baitullah. Aziza is a young Arab girl who lives in Makkah with other members of her family in a house near Baitullah Sharif.

Her family is a religious Islamic family. These people are the trustees of Islamic traditions and know it is very bad to violate these traditions. These people have no concept of love marriage. They consider this move against Islamic traditions and Arab social traditions.

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Ibn Musa Makkah fell in love with this girl at first sight. Although Musa is the beacon of a religious family that believes in marrying girls according to Islamic traditions. But at that time he was forced by his heart and expressed his love for Aziza.

Aziza is surprised and worried about Ibn e Musa’s behavior. She knows that in Arab-Islamic society, the marriage of one’s choice and love is considered very bad. However, he took Ibn e Musa’s feelings of love very seriously. He told Ibn e Musa that he belonged to a noble family in Mecca and did not like this kind of thinking in his family at all.

But the truth is that she too has lost her heart at the hands of Ibn Musa. Ibn Musa has made a place in his heart. Because of the comment, the story of the novel is a journey from virtual love to real love.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Samira Hameed is a great name of Urdu novelist. Samira has written several Urdu romantic novels which have become very popular. She mostly writes novels for Shuaa Digest, Women’s Digest, and Salam Saar Digest. Dozens of her novels have been published in book form.

Sameera’s story-telling style is very charming and inspiring, due to which the readers are huge admirers of her novels. Fortunately, he had great success at the very beginning of his career.

Many of her novels have been made into drama serials by various Pakistani TV channels, which have received a very good response. She has also received various awards from Digest and TV channels for many novels.

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