Tawan Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal

Book Name: Tawan

The Writer: Tahir Javaid Mughal

Introduction to the Book:

Tawan Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal is a great and beautiful novel in the Urdu language and literature. The author of this novel is the famous Urdu novelist Tahir Javed Mughal. It is one of the most famous and most-read novels in the Urdu language.

This novel was first published in Digest History, a monthly publication in Lahore city. It was airing one episode per month. Its popularity peaked after the publication of its first few episodes. Now this wonderful Urdu novel has been printed in the form of a book and has come to the market.

Readers of Urdu literature say that this is a wonderful novel story that teaches us to persevere and fight against oppression and injustice. The story of this novel has the honor of being the favorite novel of the young generation.

Despite the passage of many years, the popularity of this novel has not decreased. It is a long novel consisting of several volumes and each volume has several hundred pages. It is the most popular novel in Urdu literature after the Devta novel.

Tawan Urdu Novel Summary:

The story of this novel is about a common man whose name is Shah Jahan and he is famous as Ustad Jahani. Ustad Jahani belonged to a poor family and his childhood was spent in extreme poverty and deprivation. His father died in his childhood and he had to struggle to earn a living.

Shah Jahan’s family consists of only two people, including his one sister. Once upon a time, a man from his town who was very rich and had an extensive business in the United Arab Emirates suddenly came to his house and planned to take his sister with him.

Shah Jahan, as powerful a young man, tried his best to protect his sister on his own, but the rich man kidnapped his sister. Shah Jahan made many efforts to take action against the rich man, but he could not harm this rich and influential man.

Tawan Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal Complete Pdf:

This incident had a very bad effect on Shah Jahan’s mind. He was shocked that he could not save his sister from being kidnapped even though he was there. He felt guilty for not being able to protect his sister.

Then he realized that if he lived in this world If so, you have to make himself strong, otherwise people will not let him live in this society. To protect himself and his family, he starts planning and for this purpose, he decides to become a criminal.

He brought together some of the criminal youths of the city and formed a big crime gang. The story of the novel tells how people take the law into their hands due to oppression and injustice, and step into the mire of crime. This is a reflection of the real story of our society.

The police and judicial system of our country have become so dead that it provides justice only to the powerful and rich. Weak and poor sections of the people cannot afford to bear the heavy expenses of court proceedings that are the reason why they are deprived of access to justice.

Author’s Introduction:

Tahir Javed Mughal is a well-known Urdu language novelist, playwright, and story writer. He belongs to the city of Lahore in Punjab. Tahir was born in the Iqbal Town area of Lahore city in September 1955. He received his primary education from various educational institutions in Lahore.

The writer graduated from Islamia College Lahore in 1974. He writes novels for various monthly digests. The author is also the author of several dramas which are among the popular dramas on Pakistan Television. Tahir has written several memorable novels for Jasoosi Digest and Suspense Digest. Tahir started his career as a novelist during his studies.

Important Literary Works of Tahir Javed:

  1. Lalkar
  2. Tawan
  3. Devi
  4. Raat Ka Musafir
  5. Andhi
  6. Faisala
  7. Parvaz
  8. Parastash

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