Tere Sang e Dar ki Talash Thi by Bushra Rehman

Book Name: Tere Sang e Dar ki Talash Thi

The Writer: Bushra Rehman

Introduction of the Novel:

Tere Sang e Dar ki Talash Thi by Bushra Rehman is a romantic Urdu novel. This novel is Bushra’s important literary work. She is an intelligent and evergreen Pakistani Urdu novelist.

Pakeezah Digest published this novel in the form of episodes. Bushra mostly writes social romance novels which are very popular among Urdu readers. The novel is about a girl who gets married to a criminal man for the sake of wealth and gets stuck in the mire of crime.

This criminal man takes her from Pakistan to London. She wants to get rid of this cruel and criminal person by all means, but now it may not be possible for her to get free from him.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The Urdu novel Tere Sang Dar ki Talash Thi is about a girl Tasbiha. She is a very intelligent, educated, and sensible girl. Her family consists of four people including her father, and two sisters. Tasbiha’s father and her sisters love her very much. His father wants to get his eldest daughter Tasbiha married early.

Tasbiha is not willing to marry. She wants her two sisters to get married before her own marriage. One day her father dies suddenly and she and her sisters are left alone in this world. After his death, she marries both her sisters very soon.

Now she is looking for a good life partner for her marriage who will accompany her throughout her life. She meets a man Madhosh who is very intelligent and active. He promises her that if she goes with him to London, he will marry her there.

Tere Sang e Dar ki Talash Thi Complete Novel by Bushra Rehman:

After marriage, they will do business in London and live in luxury for the rest of their lives. She believes in his promise and moves to London with him. After arriving in London, they both get married and start a new life. Tasbiha has no idea that this is a criminal man who is marrying her to use her for his own purposes.

In the beginning, she didn’t make a show that he was a criminal but soon he started showing his true colors to his wife. Now she does not behave like a wife. Tasbiha soon got fed up with his negative and defamatory attitude.  Now she was trapped badly.

She has no other relatives in London who can help him. He is very worried and sad. She has no idea what he should do. She wants to free herself from the clutches of this cruel person.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

The author of this novel is Bushra Rehman, a well-known novelist of Urdu literature. Bushra Rahman is one of the great, evergreen, and senior novelists of Urdu literature. She belongs to the city of Bahawalpur in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Bushra received her primary education from various educational institutions in her city, Bahawalpur. Later she obtained an MA in Urdu degree from Bahawalpur University. Bushra has created very high-quality and memorable novels for the Urdu language.

Her famous Urdu novels include Behisht, Bat Shikan, Lazwal, Lala Sehrai, Piyasi, and Lagaan. In recognition of his scholarly and literary services, the Government of Pakistan has also awarded him with the Hasan Performance Medal.

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