Teri Chah Mein Teri Rah Mein by Umme Maryam

Novel Name: Teri Chah Mein Teri Rah Mein

The writer: Umme Maryam

Umme Maryam Novels:

Teri Chah Mein Teri Rah Mein is an excellent Urdu novel written by Umme Maryam. It is a social romantic Urdu novel about mutual love between a boy and a girl. The story of the novel has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. So far many of its episodes have been published in the magazine.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of the novel is about a young girl named Hiba. She is the only child of a rich family. Her parents have brought him up with great care. Her father is the founder of a major business group in the country and wants to bring his daughter into the business field as well.

Hiba holds a degree in Business Administration from a top university in the country. She then moves to London to pursue higher studies abroad. There she gets admission to an MSc degree program from a university. While studying, an Englishman falls in love with Hiba and insists that he marry her.

Haba refuses to marry him. The young Englishman named John comes to anger and kidnaps her. He accepts Islam to marry Haba, but still, she does not agree to marry him. Hiba’s hateful behavior. Because of this he again goes to the path of error.

Teri Chah Mein Teri Rah Mein by Umme Maryam Pdf:

He tries to reconcile with Hiba several times, but she leaves him and goes to Pakistan. Desperate, John goes to his mother, who tells him that his father was a Pakistani and a Muslim. During his stay in England, John meets a compassionate and kind man who introduces him to the true teachings of Islam.

Then this fact is revealed to John that the person who introduced him to Islamic teachings is actually Hiba’s father. His visit to Pakistan leads to meeting Hiba and thus the two estranged friends and lovers are reunited.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Umme Maryam is the well-known Urdu Novelist of the Urdu language. She mostly writes social romantic novels in the Urdu language. Umme Maryam is the most popular female novelist in Pakistan.

She wrote a lot of beautiful novels for different Urdu digests. Following is the list of super hit urdu romantic novels of Umme Maryam.

Umme Maryam Novels List:

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  • Zindagi khak Na thi
  • Meray Sahir say Kaho
  • Ana aka Safar

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Teri Chah Mein Teri Rah Mein by Umme Maryam:

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