Teri Sitamgari Novel by Abeeha Ali PDF

Book Name: Teri Sitamgari

The Writer: Abeeha Ali

Introduction of the Novel:

Teri Satamgiri is a high-quality socio-romantic Urdu novel written by young Urdu novelist Abiha Ali. The story of the novel is about a young man who is very sophisticated and follows the noble traditions of his family.

This young man falls in love with a notorious prostitute in the city and this love makes him semi-mad. Overwhelmed by emotions, he has fallen madly in love with her. Although he knows that she is a professional prostitute who can sell her body to any man for a share of wealth.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character in the story of this novel is a young boy named Roshanal. He belongs to a respectable and prosperous family in the city. Its elders are also among the dignitaries of the city. The young man somehow befriended a notorious prostitute in the city and was impressed by her beauty.

Roshnal started frequenting the prostitute’s house. Gradually, he developed a close relationship with the prostitute. This prostitute is a wicked and professional woman who has affairs with many philanderers and crooks in the city. Roshnal knows very well that she is a vile and wicked woman and he is not fit to marry her.

But he is so maddened by the love of prostitutes that he wants to marry her anyway. The elders of his family have also tried to stop him from doing this, but their efforts have not been fruitful. Despite all opposition from the family, Roshanal has married this prostitute.

Teri Sitamgari Novel by Abeeha Ali:

However, now his conscience is reproaching him as to why he has trusted such a woman and tarnished the honor of his family. He is planning to keep his new bride under his control, but she is a free-spirited woman who has had affairs with dozens of men, how can she live with one man?

She is willing to rebel and there is always a tug-of-war between the two of them. The story of the novel is very attractive and captivating and the reader cannot remain without being affected. The writer of the novel has combined thrill, suspense, and romance in his story.

Due to this the story of the novel has been highly appreciated by the fans of Urdu literature. If you like this type of novel, then you will like this novel and you will surely make this novel book an ornament in your library.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Abiha Ali is a well-known Pakistani young and intelligent novelist in the Urdu language. She has written several Urdu novels so far. His novels are published in the form of episodes in several Urdu magazines. He belongs to the Punjab province of Pakistan. She is one of those Urdu language writers who started her writing career in her student days.

Abeeha Ali has now become a mature writer who has thousands of fans. She is a mature novelist of social romantic novels whose novel stories have become very popular. Apart from novels she also writes Urdu short stories which are loved by a large number of people.

Abhiha writes mostly Urdu novels for Urdu Digest. Apart from this, her novels have also been published on various sites of Urdu literature. She has written many novels about women’s problems, social issues in Pakistani society, and women’s rights.

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