The Wex Wolf Novel by Mehwish Ali

Book Name: The Wex Wolf

The Writer: Mehwish Ali

Mehwish Ali Novels:

The Wex Wolf is a wonderful and best-quality Urdu novel by Mehwish Ali. In the story of the novel, the imaginary character of Wolf is shown. Wolf is in love with a young girl and is trying to make her a friend.

This Wolf is actually a normal human and sometimes takes the form of an animal. It has been published in the case. Wolff’s character is very strange and unbelievable. However, it is an imaginative story that is very much liked by Urdu fiction lovers.

Some critics have described the story of the novel as very strange and contrary to the facts. The story of this novel has gained a lot of popularity and now this novel is also available in the market in the form of a hardcover book.

Summary/Story of the Novel:

The main character of the novel is a young boy disguised as a wolf. The boy’s father was killed some years ago and he is on a mission to kill the daughter of his father’s killer to avenge his father’s murder. He watches the girl everywhere she travels or goes shopping.

Being close to the girl, he becomes very familiar with her and she is very affectionate with him. Now he has a golden chance to kill her very easily because he trusts she has won but his conscience prevents him from doing so because the girl considers him a friend and treats him very lovingly.

Wolf has now decided that he must abandon his plan to kill the rich girl and declare her his friend forever. He is trying to remove the thought of enmity from his heart. But he has not yet forgotten the grief of his father’s disbelief.

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He is very confused and doesn’t quite understand what he should do. On the one hand, he has his girlfriend and her loving behavior which is stopping him from killing himself, and on the other hand, there is the trauma of his father’s death which is driving him to avenge the murder.

Finally, he decides that he will not take revenge on his girlfriend anymore and makes a friendship with her forever. He also reveals his secret mission to his friend and tells him that he no longer needs to fear him and that he has completed his revenge plan.

Author’s Introduction:

Mehwish Ali is a famous Pakistani female novelist of Urdu literature. She is from Lahore, Punjab province of Pakistan. Mehwish Ali received her early education from educational institutions in Lahore. She passed matric and intermediate exams from private educational institutes in Lahore.

He is still continuing his studies. She is graduating from a private university in Lahore. Mehwish Ali started his writing career at an early age. She was still a matriculation student when she started writing novels.

Mehwish Ali created her official Facebook page and started publishing her novels in episode form on this page. Her novels are selling hand to hand. Mehwish Ali has thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

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