Titli Jaisa Pyar Novel by Rahat Jabeen  PDF

Book Name: Titli Jaisa Pyar

The Writer: Rahat Jabin

Introduction of the Novel:

Titli Jaisa Pyar is a beautiful and standard Urdu novel written by renowned Urdu novelist and short story writer Rahat Jabin. It is a social romantic novel that depicts the romantic feelings of the young generation.

This novel story was published in a digest published from Karachi and was well-liked by the readers. The story is now available for purchase as a complete hardcover book. The story of the novel is about the mutual love between a young boy and a girl.

Rahat Jabeen Novels:

This boy and girl love each other since childhood and want to be life partners in the future. However, the boy’s mother does not like this girl at all and wants her son to marry another girl. She wants That his son should be married to a girl from a rich and prosperous family so that they get a lot of dowry.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of this novel are a boy and a girl named Zebi and Saim. They are cousins and their houses are located nearby. They have been friends since childhood and love each other very much.

Saim and Zebi are classmates since childhood and have been studying in the same school. Saim wants to marry Zebi in the future. Zebi also wishes to marry him. Saim has obtained a Chartered Accountant degree from a local university.

Now he is currently working as a Chartered Accountant in a multinational company. His parents are looking for a girl from a rich and prosperous family to marry him. But Sam wants to marry Zebi anyway because she is his childhood sweetheart.

Titli Jaisa Pyar Complete Novel by Rahat Jabeen:

He has informed his mother about this matter. Saim’s mother is not ready to marry him to his cousin Zebi anyway. She is a greedy woman who wants to get her son married into a rich and wealthy family. For this purpose, he has discussed with many marriage bureaus.

Saim and Zebi are shocked by the situation. Both of them had no idea that their parents would be a hindrance to their marriage. Aim and Zebi realize that things have become very complicated and they have to make bold decisions now. 

They have decided to rebel against his mother’s decision to steer things in the right direction. He realizes that though it is not good to disobey his parents he has no other option to settle matters. So he consulted his lawyer to go to court and get married. The necessary documents have been completed and given to him.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Rahat Jabeen is a famous lady novelist of the Urdu language. The writer has written dozens of social romantic novels so far. She mostly makes the social issues of women, and atrocities on women the subject of her novels.

Rahat has so far created many super-hit Urdu novels and short stories which are considered as an asset of Urdu literature. She has been published in various Urdu magazines. 

Apart from Urdu novels, he has also written many Urdu drama stories which have gained great popularity. Rahat Jabin started writing Urdu novels at an early age. The main feature of Rahat’s books is that his stories are very good and of high quality. Urdu literature lovers are huge fans of his romantic novels.

Rahat Jabeen Novels List:

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