Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel by Areej Shah 

Book name: Tu Ishq Tu Junoon

The Writer: Areej Shah

Introduction to the Book: 

Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel by Areej Shah is a quality novel of Urdu literature. This novel has been written by a well-known female novelist of Urdu literature, Arij Shah. The story is filled with suspense, romance, and thrills, discussing the love story of a boy and a girl.

The story of the novel tells how young boys go to sinful life in search of true love. Apparently, they find this sinful life very attractive. But the fact is that for them this path is the path of destruction and destruction. This is a path leading to an error that will eventually lead them to a dead end.

Tu Ishq Tu Janoon Novel Summary:

This beautiful and romantic novel is about a boy. The boy’s name is Damash and he is working in a big company in the city. This guy is quite bold and liberal thinking. There is no consistency in his mood at all. He has made many girlfriends so far.

One by one he has left all her girlfriends. Actually, he is a misguided type of youth. After spending a few days with his girlfriend, he leaves her and starts looking for a new girl. He says he hasn’t found the kind of girlfriend he’s been looking for yet.

While searching for a new girlfriend, he meets a beautiful girl. This girl is a resident of his nearby neighborhood. This girl has very attractive looks and a good personality. He starts chasing her. Danish says that he has not found a true loving girlfriend till now.

Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel by Areej Shah PDF:

 As soon as he finds a true and real loving girl and marries her. Damash has seen a glimpse of a truly loving wife in this girl’s personality. Damish spent all his efforts building a relationship with this girl. As his reputation was not that good in the neighborhood, the girl rejected the offer.

As a result of his persistent efforts, the girl finally accepted him as a friend. Soon he became friendly with the girl. The two of them started shopping together, going to the library and going to restaurants and parks together.

Now both of them wanted to become life partners soon. Now the problem is that the girl’s parents are very poor. Damish’s parents are not at all ready to marry their son into a poor family.

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Author’s Introduction:

Arij Shah is a famous and best novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature. She is basically a social media novelist and shares her novels on her official social media pages. These novel stories are uploaded as episodes. Her novels have become very popular in recent times.

Various publishing houses have published her novels in book form. Her writing technique and storytelling skill have been liked by the public. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories. Arij Shah has thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

She has written chiefly novels of romantic stories. Areej Shah also raises her voice on social issues and women’s issues through her novels. She is a strong supporter of women’s rights and supports them at all important forums.

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