Tum Hi Ho Urdu Novel by Sumaira Hameed

Novel Name: Tum Hi Ho

The Writer: Sumaira Hameed

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Tum hi ho is a wonderful and popular Urdu novel written by the well-known female novelist Samira Hameed. Shuaa Digest published this novel in the form of episodes. Urdu readers have called it a wonderful novel. The story of this novel is about a young man who is not stable.

He has a habit of changing girlfriends. The girl who was injured after being hit by his car while traveling in Islamabad suddenly entered his life. He leaves his first girlfriend as per his habit and befriends her. Overall, it is a social romantic novel that deals with breaking up, and bonding relationships.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a young boy David. He is a handsome young man belonging to a rich family. He has a girlfriend from school and college life, whose name is Ridha. Rida is his childhood friend whom he trusts too much. Dawood wants to marry her in the future.

Rida also loves Dawood very much and wants to make him a life partner. There is an incident one day when Rida left Islamabad from Lahore for an important job. David was alone at home, so he went on a long drive away from the city. While driving, suddenly a girl came in front of his car. After hitting the car, she was injured. 

The girl suffered serious injuries and Dawood admitted her to a major hospital in the city for treatment. His father built this hospital. So, she did not make any payment. The girl has recovered and was discharged from the hospital. David’s compassionate attitude and philanthropic spirit impressed her.

Tum Hi Ho Complete Novel by Sumaira Hameed:

This is why she has become David’s friend.   Often going on long drives with him in the car. David is also very kind to her and He feels bound by the charm of her personality. Dawood has offered this girl to marry him. His girlfriend has accepted the offer.

Dawood’s first girlfriend Rida has no information about their friendship. Now he knows the details of the whole affair. Her boyfriend getting married to another girl. She is shocked to learn that. David’s unfaithfulness and desertion deeply saddened her. He never expected David to betray him.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Samira Hameed is a great name of Urdu novelist. The writer has written several Urdu romantic novels which have become very popular. She mostly writes novels for Shuaa Digest, Women’s Digest, and Salam Saar Digest. Dozens of novels published in book form.

Sameera’s story-telling style is very charming and inspiring, due to which the readers are huge admirers of her novels. Fortunately, he had great success at the very beginning of his career.

Many drama serials were made from her novels. It received a very good response. She has also received various awards from Digest and TV channels for many novels.

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