Udaas Naslain by Abdullah Hussein

Book Name: Udaas Naslain

The Writer: Abdullah Hussain

Introduction of the Novel:

Udaas Naslain is a beautiful and high-quality Urdu novel written by renowned novelist and Urdu short story writer, Abdullah Hussain. It is considered as one of the best novels. We get complete knowledge about the political and social conditions of Indian society at that time. The story of the novel consists of three parts.

  • British rule
  • India’s freedom movement period
  • The period of partition of India and its aftermath

The main character of the story of the novel is a young man Naeem. Naeem is a young man from a middle-class family and he is staying in Calcutta city for his education. Now after completing his education, Naeem has returned to his village Roshanpur, and is working as a farmer along with his father.

During these days, the First World War started and Naeem was forcibly recruited into the Indian Army on the orders of the British government and sent to the front line border to fight. Later, he was sent to fight with other soldiers on the border of North Africa. During the war, one of Naeem’s arms was disabled by a cannonball.

Udaas Naslain Novel by Abdullah Hussein:

Now he was unable to fight the war due to which the British military officers sent him back to India. After returning to his village, he saw that a new political party had been formed in India called the Indian National Congress and this political party was fighting a political struggle to free India from British rule.

People of different religions in India are joining this party after being influenced by its political program. Naeem joined the Indian National Congress like many others and worked day and night to bring its program to the people. Abdullah Hussain is one of the great novelists of the Urdu language.

Apart from sad generations, Abdullah Hussain has written excellent novels like Nadar Lug, Bagh, and Jaid. But Abdullah’s novel Udas Naslan has achieved extraordinary fame that no other novel has achieved. Abdullah Hussain’s literary work is of a very high quality and valuable. The government honored him with the Promotion of Literature Award.

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