Usri Yusra Novel by Husna Hussain Pdf

Book Name: Usri Yusra

The Writer: Husna Hussain

Introduction to the Book:

Usri Yusra Novel by Husna Hussain Pdf is a famous social and romantic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Hasna Hussain, a well-known novelist of Urdu literature. The story of this novel tells the story of a girl who was married against her will.

The boy her parents have married the girl too is an arrogant young man who abuses his wife a lot. The girl already knew about the boy’s ill temper and she told her parents about it, but her parents forcibly decided to fix her marriage.

There is no understanding between the girl and the boy. No, and they are just living together to pass the time.

Summary of the novel:

The main characters of the story of this novel are a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Burhan and the girl’s name is Jannat. The girl’s parents have married her to a boy who is very arrogant and hates her without knowing her will.

Jannat is an educated and intelligent girl. . She has quietly married Burhan, obeying her parents. Burhan is a selfish, rude, and arrogant person who does not like Jannat at all and is always in an angry mood.

He is employed in a good position in a big company. He is friends with a girl who is his friend. Also works in his office. Her parents have fixed her relationship with Jannat and married her, but Burhan is not at all happy with her marriage.

Usri Yusra episode 22 Romantic Urdu Novel by Husna Hussain:

He wants to marry his girlfriend who works in his office. His parents are not at all willing to marry his girlfriend. He is strongly opposing this marriage. Because of this, Burhan is often angry with his parents and insists on marrying his girlfriend.

In the story of this novel, the writer tells us what are the consequences and effects of forced marriages. The girls who are married without knowing their choice, their marriages are not successful and the marriage usually ends in divorce.

Forced marriage not only gives rise to social problems but is a serious blow to the family system in our society. Our religion Islam also prohibits forced marriage. That is why we have emphasized that the girl’s consent must be sought before getting married.

According to the law of Islamic jurisprudence, if the girl refuses to accept at the time of marriage, the marriage will not take place.

Author’s Introduction:

Husna Hussain is a well-known Urdu language story writer and female novelist. She is a regular novelist of Monthly Digests and mostly writes romantic Urdu novels. She generally writes stories about women’s social issues.

Her novels are very popular among women. Jasoosi Digest, Suspense Digest, and Horror Digest published it. The novels written by him have gained immense fame.

Especially the Urdu novel Usri Yusra novel is touching the heights of popularity. The episodes of this novel are still being published and women eagerly wait for each new episode.

Hasna’s writing style is very charming and inspiring. This is the reason why the books of his novels are selling so much. 

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