Wahshat e Ishq Urdu Novel by Wahiba Fatima

Book Name: Wehshat e Ishq

The writer: Wahiba Fatima

Introduction of the Novel:

Wehshat e Ishq is a beautiful and high-quality social romantic novel. The author of this novel is Wahiba Fatima, a well-known Urdu novelist. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest.

For the readers of Urdu literature, this novel is now also available in book form. This is the story of a family consisting of three people. The three brothers are extremely useless and worthless people. Their family is very rich and wealthy but they are very relaxed and workaholic youths.

Wahiba Fatima Novels:

 They don’t care about anyone and do what they want. The heart does. However, his younger brother suddenly changes himself. He starts his own business and succeeds in developing his business by working hard.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a young man named Shah Veer. Shah Veer’s father was a big businessman who built many factories through hard work. Unfortunately, none of his children were able to struggle as much as he did to expand his business.

Shahveer has two brothers who are unemployed and studying at a local university. They are known as unfit students and spoiled rich people in the university. At first, Shah Veer was also a very extravagant and spoiled young man, but now he has changed a lot.

He has decided to work hard like his father and expand his business. Due to this, his company is making huge profits and none of its units are in losses as in the past.

Wehshat e Ishq Novel Season 3:

Shahveer is a smart and healthy young man with a very good body. He has fulfilled all his wishes in life so far. He is a very selfish and proud young man who is not very free with girls. Rather, it should be said that he has no interest in making friends with girls.

One day he met a girl who is very decent and beautiful. He fell in love with this girl in his first meeting. He thought in his heart that such a girl could be his life partner. So he told this girl about his heart and Expressed love.

In the story of the novel, the writer tells me that emotions are not under control in love and a person falls in love with another even if he does not want to.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Wahiba Fatima is a popular novelist and story writer of Urdu language and literature. He belongs to the city of Karachi in Pakistan. She is a graduate of a private university in Karachi.

She mostly writes novels on social issues and the married life of women. So far, more than fifteen of his novels have been published in the market. The most important feature of the novels written by him is that they are about the youth and their life.

Initially, she published her novels and stories on her Facebook page. Now she mostly writes novels for women’s magazines. These novels are regularly published every month in the form of episodes in magazines. Urdu short stories written by him have also become very popular among readers.

In the literary and academic circles of Karachi, Wahiba Fatima is a well-known name in Urdu novels. Common problems of the young generation, romance, married life, domestic problems, and forced marriage, are the main themes of her novels.

Wahiba Fatima Novels List:

  1. Khooni Ishq
  2. Atish e Ishq
  3. Wehshat e Ishq
  4. Shah e Man
  5. Khawab e Ishqam
  6. Khawab aur Khushbu
  7. Bloody Love
  8. Momin Ki Guria
  9. Hubb e Anid

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