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Book Name: Waris

The Writer: Iqbal Kazmi

Iqbal Kazmi Novels:

Waris Novel Urdu by Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Download is a high-quality novel in the Urdu language and literature. The author of this Urdu novel is the famous Urdu novelist and short story writer Iqbal Kazmi. This is a short novel with a total of five hundred and fifty pages. This novel story is about a boy whose parents died during his childhood.

The boy has to continue his education and support his siblings. It is a big challenge for him and he is struggling hard to fulfill these responsibilities. He is providing financial support to his family by doing hard work in the city market.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

This story is about an orphan boy who has to suffer the death of his parents in his childhood. This boy’s name is Basharat and he is only fourteen years old. He is a ninth-grade student in the high school of the city.

He is the only son of his parents and has two sisters who are studying in the city school. Basharat is doing hard labor in the city to cover household expenses and educational expenses for himself and his sisters.

After the death of his parents, all his savings are gone. He has no money to buy ration for the house and to pay his sisters’ school fees. He has decided to drop his education to support his sisters and meet their educational expenses.

Waris Novel by Iqbal Kazmi Urdu Pdf:

He started polishing people’s shoes on the main road of the city. From this job, Basharat earns enough money to cover his household expenses easily. It is said that one day he was busy polishing shoes when he was approached by a man who was conversing with him in a very sympathetic manner.

He asked Bisharat why are you working on polishing shows instead of reading since you are old enough to read. Basharat told him that his parents had passed away and he had no source of income to support the family. Due to this he has dropped out of school and started polishing shows.

Waris Novel by Iqbal Kazmi Download Pdf:

This kind and the compassionate man offered Bisharat that he was ready to pay her and her sisters’ household expenses and educational expenses. Therefore, he should leave the job of polishing shoes and start going to school.

However, the man-made condition that Basharat would have to help him in his business. Basharat agrees to do so and thanks the man for helping him. Apparently, this man is very kind and compassionate and his attitude toward people is very positive.

One day Bashar had a doubt that things were not as he thought. Soon he realized from his meetings with this man that this man is not as noble and virtuous as he appears on the face. He visited some of the areas.

After getting information about his character and business from good people, they told him that this man was a big drug trafficker and was running a huge drug network in the area.This is a crime Urdu novel in which a big drug dealer is exposed. If you are fond of reading crime Urdu novels, then this novel will be a great gift for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Iqbal Kazmi is a well-known Pakistani novelist of Urdu language and literature. He belongs to the city of Lahore in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Iqbal Kazmi received his early education from his hometown.

He is a graduate of Punjab University and has great taste in Urdu poetry and literature. He mostly writes Urdu action-adventure novels. His novels are very popular among readers of Urdu literature.

The novels written by him have been declared best-selling books. His novels are published in Urdu Digests, including Jasoosi, Suspense, etc. He prefers to write thriller novels. He highlights the patriotic spirit in his novels.

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