Wehshat e Dil Romantic Urdu Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

Book Name: Wehshat e Dil

The Writer: Mahnoor Shehzad

Introduction of the Novel:

Wehshat e Dil is an excellent and high-quality Urdu romantic novel written by the famous Urdu novelist Mahnoor Shehzad. The story of the novel is a love story between a boy and a girl.

The girl loves her fiancé dearly and is determined to spend the rest of her life with him. But the boy is a young man with a different temperament. She is very selfish and greedy and takes decisions based on her personal interest in every matter.

The story depicts the feelings of innocent girls who fall into the love trap of cunning and selfish boys. Due to her innocence and simplicity, she is easily deceived and spends her entire life regretting it. The main character of the story of the novel is a girl named Sundus.

 Wehshat e Dil Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad:

She is a very innocent and simple-minded girl who trusts everyone. She has fallen in love with a boy whose name is Zaid. Zaid is a mean, selfish, and greedy guy who takes decisions by looking at his personal interests before getting into a relationship with someone. He is not aware of the value and importance of relationships.

Zaid offers Sundus marriage which she accepts. They got married last month and are living happily ever after. For a few days, the differences and fights between these two husbands and wives intensified.

Till sometime after the marriage, things were going very well between them, but after a few months, Zaid revealed his true face and went to her house. The writer of the novel tells us that there are many people in our society who are duplicitous.

Such people appear to be very good-natured, friendly, and compassionate, but the reality is that they are only acting this way to fulfill their own interests. Their true form is what they show in difficult times.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Mahnoor Shehzad is a well-known Pakistani writer of Urdu novels. Many novels written by him have become very popular among readers of Urdu literature. She is an unconventional novelist who has inspired the readers of Urdu literature by writing several books in his unique style.

Mahnoor is a mature writer whose writing style is very mature. She has written dozens of novels so far which have been published in various Urdu digests. Due to their unique writing style, the readers like his novels a lot, and a large number of young generations are fond of his books.

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