Ye Kahan aa Gaye Hum by Hamna Tanvir

Book Name: Ye Kahan aa gaye Hum

The Writer: Hamna Tanvir

Introduction of the Novel:

Ye Kahan aa gaye Hum is a high-quality social romantic novel written by Humna Tanveer. Firstly published on Humna’s social media page.

The main idea of the story of the novel is that women should be respected in society. The tradition of depriving women of inherited property should be discouraged. Women should be given a dignified place in the society.

Hamna Tanvir Novels:

It is the dark side of our society that women do not have a share in property. Apart from this, in our society, women are discouraged from education and they are not given opportunities to get higher education.

Women also do not have the freedom to work, apart from this incidents of harassment of women are also common in our society. Cases of killing women in the name of honor are also common.

Therefore, women are considered much oppressed in our society. In the novel under comment, the author has shed light on women’s rights, problems, and deprivations.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of the novel is about a young man Shahryar. He is a rich man and a big businessman who owns dozens of factories. Due to the rail peal of wealth, his temperament is inclined towards luxury.

He has many girlfriends who often visit him at his head office. Every day he goes on a mission to make new girls friends. He only cares about befriending and using girls and he doesn’t love them at all.

Usman is Shahryar’s business partner and a millionaire man. He has a lot of capital which he has invested in various business groups. He has been working with Shahryar as a business partner for many years and has a very good relationship with Shahryar.

One day Shahryar went to Usman’s house to meet him where he met his daughter Marha. Martha is Usman’s only daughter and a graduate of business administration from the University of London.

Ye Kahan aa Gaye Hum Novel by Hamna Tanvir PDF:

Her intelligence and personality impressed Shehryar and falls in love with her. This is the first time that the city guy has fallen in love with a girl; otherwise, he has relationships with girls just to pass the time. And discards them after using them for some time.

Marha’s father Usman Shahryar is well aware of character and nature. He knows that his business partner is a philanderer. Therefore, he forbids his daughter to be too close to Shahryar or to trust him.

He strongly rejects Shahryar’s offer of marriage to Usman’s daughter. His business partner’s attitude upset Shahryar. She didn’t expect him to behave like this with her at all.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Hamna Tanvir is a young Urdu novelist. Various Urdu digests published her several novels. She mostly writes social and romantic novels. Strong stories and characters are the main points of her novels. Therefore, the readers of Urdu literature consider his novels as very standard literature.

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