Yeh Shaam Dhal Na jaye Novel by Amna Riaz 

Book Name: Yeh Shaam Dhal na Jaye

The Writer: Amna Riaz

Amna Riaz Novels:

Yeh Shaam Dhal na Jaye, is a super hit novel in Urdu language and literature. The author of this novel is the well-known female novelist Amna Riaz. This is a short novel story with only 24 pages in total. It is a socio-romantic story that is very liked by the readers.

Readers of Urdu literature consider it an important literary work of Amna Riaz. The story of this novel is a love affair. Regarding the couple. Boy and girl love each other deeply. They are ready to make any sacrifice to get their love.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

Aswad is the main character of this novel. Aswad is a specialist doctor. He was employed in a major government hospital in the city. Dr. Farah is his fellow doctor working in the same hospital. Aswad has a very good and friendly relationship with Farah. They are often seen coming and going together during duty.

Aswad’s friendship has now turned into love and he wants to marry Farah. Farah also likes Aswad very much and wants to marry him. For this purpose, both of them informed their respective parents about their decision.

Both families agree to their married and they start making preparations. Alina is working as a doctor in the same hospital as Aswad. She also likes Aswad a lot and is trying to build a relationship with him.

Yeh Sham Dhal Na Jay Short Urdu Novel:

In fact, she is very jealous of Aswad’s relationship with Farah and wants to end Aswad’s relationship with Farah and marry her. She is putting many obstacles between them. He tries to create misunderstandings between them so that they cannot get married.

The author of this novel tells us how much one has to fight for love. She tells us that this world is selfish and insensitive where everyone thinks about their own interests and not about the affairs of others. 

Introduction of the Author of the Book:

Amna Riaz is a famous female novelist of Urdu language and literature. Amina has written many romantic Urdu novels so far. She writes suspense and novels for Detective Digest. Her stories are related to social issues and domestic life.

Amna has done an MA in Urdu from Punjab University, Lahore. She starts teaching. Her novels are considered to be the best literary asset of Urdu literature.

The titles of novels written by him are as follows.

  • Satara Sham
  • Tum Akhri Jazeera ho
  • Basat e Dil
  • Mah e Tamam
  • Dasht e Junoon

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