Shahab Nama  by Qudrat ullah Shahab  PDF

Book Name: Shahab Nama

The Writer: Qudrat ullah Shahab

Shahab Nama Description:

Shahab Nama by Qudrat ullah Shahab PDF is a masterpiece of Urdu literature that is included in the most popular books of the Urdu language. The author of this book is the eminent Sufi scholar, intellectual, historian, and bureaucrat Qudratullah Shahab.

Shahab Nama is considered to be an important literary work of Qudrat for the Urdu language and literature. This book was written by Qudratullah in the form of an autobiography. This book was published for the first time in 1961 and it was loved by the public.

In the book, the author recorded important life events starting from the age of twenty-one. From youth to death. Qudratullah served as a senior bureaucrat in the civil service of Pakistan in the countries he traveled to many times.

Shahab Nama Pdf:

During the period of his employment, he recorded the important events in the form of a book which later became popular under the name of Shihab Nama. He remained very close to various Pakistani rulers and was an eyewitness to palace conspiracies to change governments.

Critics of the Urdu language and literature say that Shahab Nama’s book is an important and authentic document about the history of Pakistan. God has revealed many secrets in this book that our nation is not aware of.

These include the suspension of the constitution by repeatedly imposing martial law in Pakistan, and taking control of the elected government. Shahab Nama has gained immense popularity and its translations have been published in various Pakistani languages.

Shahab Nama in Urdu:

Pakistani political critics say that this book is an important encyclopedia of Pakistan’s political history. Qudratullah Shahab has extensively discussed the following topics in the book.

  1. Political Science Pakistan
  2. Sufism
  3. Philosophy of Islam
  4. Urdu literature
  5. History of Pakistan
  6. History of India
  7. Creation of Pakistan and Partition of India
  8. Important events in personal life

During his service, Qudratullah also served as an ambassador to various countries. During his stay in these countries, he stayed for a long time. He also recorded the events of his travels to these countries in the book. These countries include England, America, France, and Germany.

Introduction of the author of the book:

Qudratullah Shahab was a prominent Sufi scholar, writer, and bureaucrat of Pakistan. Qudratullah was a resident of Ferozepur, India. From his childhood, his father was very fond of sending him into civil service.

As a child, Qudratullah received his primary education from the village primary school like ordinary Muslim children. He was a bright student and stood first in every class in school. During the English rule in India, he passed matriculation and intermediate with the first position and was declared eligible for the scholarship.

Education and Career:

Qudratullah passed the civil service examination after graduation. He worked in Indian Civil Service. After Qiyam Pakistan, he came to Lahore and joined the Civil Service of Pakistan. In the civil service, he remained very close to the ruling elite of Pakistan.

Especially President Ayub Khan was very kind to him. He was an honest and talented officer, so every incoming ruler gave him great importance. During his employment, he got the idea of writing his autobiography and thus he started recording important events during his employment.

In 1961, he published these important events and ideas in the form of a book called Shahab Nama became famous

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